November 2003

November 30, 2003


Posted by: Louis @ 11:08 am

Two days before the exam. There still seems lots of material to cover. The attraction of Module B ends up also being the killer for anyone wanting to pass it: most of the topics are very interesting and, because of their relevance and scope, have a very wide coverage… :huh:

A word of advice to future students: start your preparations early!

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November 22, 2003


Posted by: Louis @ 7:07 pm

Not meaning to make light of a rather serious matter, but it seems that even commercial jets are not immune to terrorist attacks in the Iraqi air space these days. A DHL plane was “reported” to have been hit by a surface-to-air missile over Baghdad today. Fortunately no one was hurt.

So, if anyone out there is thinking of sending their Dip FM project by DHL, maybe second thoughts??

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November 18, 2003

Final charge

Posted by: Louis @ 10:19 am

Have been burning the midnight oil for the past few nights, as I guess a few of my classmates are also doing… 😉 Sometimes I really wonder, why do I get myself into such tight situations!? Is this the way to “bring” out the best in us!?

Anyway, the title may be a little misleading because there is still an exam after this. But hey, one thing at a time, right!

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November 7, 2003


Posted by: Louis @ 12:29 am

Learnt quite a few lessons in life in tonight’s class. Although got side-tracked a little and ended up discussing Patrick’s life and setting goals and investment. I think I am not the only one in saying it has all been worth it.

ps. Only about 3 and a bit weeks till exam… 🙁

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