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June 11, 2003

Smiling faces

Posted by: Louis @ 12:36 am

Here is the list of shorthands for using the smiley symbols in your posts and comments. By the way, this works in any Text Formatting mode.
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Authoring: intermediate

Posted by: Louis @ 12:30 am

Now, after the gentle introduction given in Authoring: basic, this piece will deal with more complicated features of Movable Type and so will be more long-winded. 🙂
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Authoring: basic

Posted by: Louis @ 12:25 am

The process of writing new entries for this weblog is actually very simple. Everything is done using a web browser, e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, etc. Drop me a mail if you would like to be an author here.

In short, the steps are:

  1. Log in using the username and password which I supply. You should change the password after first logging in for the first time.
  2. Select New entry from the menu on the left.
  3. Fill in the Title, Category (where available), and start typing!
  4. When you are done, change the Post Status to Publish.
  5. Always remember to Save, so that your changes are reflected on the website.

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June 10, 2003

FAQ on MBA : Sequel 1- Rankings

Posted by: pat @ 3:27 pm

Ranking of the B-sch will be one of the criteria to consider during the application process. Prestige is almost in parallel with the ranking. Prestige might help one during a job hunt. Interviewer upon hearing a MBA graduate from Wharton might react differently from a graduate from a local business school. But how much does ranking mean then?

Which is the top B-sch in USA, Europe, and Asia?
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Posted by: pat @ 11:03 am

I was given an opportunity to research on MBA 101. I don’t claim to be an expert in this area but would like to share with everyone what I know. Louis has suggested a FAQ format for this. Nothing is in stone, please feel free to provide suggestions.

This is my first time attempting to post such article online. Please pardon me if the structure is web-messy. 🙂
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June 9, 2003

School is out

Posted by: Louis @ 9:20 pm

Yesterday, had our first official outing. Since school was out, we took time out to practice some ‘healthy lifestyle’ and spent an afternoon rollerblading at East Coast. Present were: Jack, Dafei, myself, Angie and her hubbie, Mei Mei and Kamesha. Well, actually, William was there too but had to go ‘swimming’ after lunch! :rolleyes:

Weather-wise, we had the works: from bright sunny day, to late afternoon downpour. Luckily it cleared up soon enough so that we could have a second session. However, that also meant that after the rain many people would head out at the same time, and a serious traffic jam near the McDonald’s area.
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