May 2003

May 31, 2003

Sitting back

Posted by: Louis @ 5:05 pm

Now going through some past exam papers – well, really more of a checking the solutions to the questions to see if my thinking is consistent with the right approach. – while my _comrades_ are still at the library also putting in their last-minute efforts. This is the time for consolidation, rather than trying to squeeze in more concepts.
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May 30, 2003

Getting close

Posted by: Louis @ 10:13 pm

Slower progress today.

Went through multiple choice questions from 2 past exam papers, under semi-exam conditions, and then had some discussions on problems after that. So, probably had some 5 hours solid preparation there. Otherwise, spent some summarising the financial ratios and reading some problems/answers from the Revision Kit. Harder to focus because already overloaded, I reckon?

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May 29, 2003


Posted by: Louis @ 10:18 pm

Fourth day into our intensive _boot camp_ for the Module A exam.

Fatigue is obvious on all of our (Jack, Joshua, Patricia and myself) faces. I guess, this is just another case of being overloaded? There just always seems to be more things to revise. Right now, we are already like saturated sponges, and struggling to absorb any additional input. It may be a blessing in disguise that there are only 3 whole days to go!?
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May 28, 2003

Study and VA

Posted by: Louis @ 11:21 pm

For the past few days, have been busily cramming for the ACCA module A exam. Incidentally, the exam is on coming Monday June 2. There seems to be just an endless amount of materials to go through….

Since Monday, I have been in the library from about 10am in the morning, and staying there till the library closes at 9pm. Well, actually the brain usually switches off at around 8.30pm. However, this experience has been made considerably more pleasant because I have a good study group!
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Posted by: Louis @ 11:16 pm

What you see here was inspired by a comment made during today’s discussion session. Essentially this is a website set up to document of some of the trials, struggles and stresses both myself and my class mates go through during this year-long ACCA Diploma for Financial Management!
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