June 2003

June 10, 2003

FAQ on MBA : Sequel 1- Rankings

Posted by: pat @ 3:27 pm

Ranking of the B-sch will be one of the criteria to consider during the application process. Prestige is almost in parallel with the ranking. Prestige might help one during a job hunt. Interviewer upon hearing a MBA graduate from Wharton might react differently from a graduate from a local business school. But how much does ranking mean then?

Which is the top B-sch in USA, Europe, and Asia?

Q: Which is the top B-sch?
A: Depends on which region you are referring to. Asia, Europe or USA? Apart from that, different publishers use different methods to rank the school.

There are a few reliable URL which you can log on to investigate the schools ranking.

  1. “BusinessWeek”
  2. “USNews”
  3. “CareerDynamo”

Q: What about USA?
A: According to businessweek, it is Kellogg B-sch (from Uni of Northwestern).
According to usnews, it is Havard University. According to careerdynamo, it is Wharton

Q: Wat about Europe?
A: According to businessweek, it is INSEAD.

Q: What about Asia?
A: Melbourne Business School

Q: Which of the publishers provide the most reliable information about ranking?
A: You have to understand the methodologies utilized from each publisher. From the above URLs, each publisher has explained their methodologies in details.

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  1. Pat, do correct me if i am wrong!

    As to the question, which is the TOP B-school… i think it is highly dependent on what you want to specialize in.

    Kellog is known for its Marketing. I think Wharton for Finance, etc.

    I agree that “ranking” is such a subjective matter. Most importantly, you must ask yourself what do you want to get out of your MBA. Most of my friends who have done their MBA tell me, it’s the networking that matters at the end of the day. Which part of the world market do you want to enter? What type of companies do you want to enter?

    Companies like McKenzie and Boston Consulting Group love people from Harvard and MIT. In fact, these large consultancy firms are frequently organizing dinner parties for MBA students from various unis for networking.

    Insead looks for people with an “attitdue”. The “attitude” that fits their group. Dynamism, intelligence and most importantly able to stand out from a crowd and contribute uniquely.

    I have learnt from my friend that every uni sorta teaches MBA differently. Some with more group work, while others with merely individual work. Group work can be quite challenging – you not only have to deal with the projects but also with personal relationships. It can get really frustrating as there will always be a few in the group who cannot be very bothered about putting in effort.

    Pat will elaborate more in the near future 🙂

    Comment by angi — June 10, 2003 @ 5:53 pm
  2. Wow, really lively discussions here!

    Perhaps Annie can give us some of her insights too? Annie, where are you?? :huh:

    Comment by yy — June 10, 2003 @ 6:37 pm
  3. Angie, you are right. It is just that I haven’t branched out from there yet. You will see these in Which MBA category. This is because when selecting the appropriate MBA you have to consider the school, career centre, etc.

    Have a peek at that category later.

    Comment by pat — June 11, 2003 @ 9:18 am
  4. Here is another website for the ranking of MBA courses around the world. Lots of discussions and, as far as I can see, freely accessible content.

    Comment by yy — February 24, 2004 @ 3:32 pm

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