July 2003

July 18, 2003


Posted by: Louis @ 12:14 pm

I guess I won’t be disputed when I say that we had a rather entertaining class about risk management (maybe investment!?) yesterday?

Well, in case anyone is curious about the U-turn stuff that Patrick mentioned last night, I think this is the long article he had in mind. Enjoy!

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  1. wOW! I totally can’t agree more about this N-U-T-S. It hits at bull eyes. Such an interesting article I must say.
    That is exactly the Singaporean method, all rules and only rules.
    Sometimes, i just wonder if it is a bliss to live in such a “peaceful” country or is it a blessing in disguise?
    To a certain extent, we have to agree that with this type of governing, situation like SARS are handled timely with due care by them. But on the other hand, we rely so much on our “big bro” to make decision and all we do is just nod nod our head. well,this debate can go on forever.

    anyway, I think I enjoy Patrick class..a little more than Steve I think. He is like another Annie, sharing everything and everything with you. As for steve, I feel there is a consenus between the guys he aint too perfect?spotted e exchange of doubtful eye contact each time steve answer Jack & others’ question.

    well, it is a FRIDAY! and all I can think of is tom’s blading Session!! So seeya guys tom!

    Comment by mei — July 18, 2003 @ 3:15 pm
  2. I’ve read that article on your page before and when he was talking about the U-turn thingie, it sounded so familiar, but i just couldn’t figure out where i’ve heard/read it before. I think i’m getting more forgetful these days…. sigh….

    Well, having lived in Singapore & US (for a short period of time), I can attest to the wide differences. I liked the freedom that US gives to its people but I must say that there is a huge trade-off between this freedom and safety. There’s no other country I feel safer than in Singapore. Also, don’t think for a second that there are lesser rules in US. They might be less enforced, but they exist 🙂

    Patrick is definitely more interesting compared to Steve. But I feel that these two topics are heavier going than the previous semester’s. Maybe I’m feeling very tired this week, but i feel that all their words are merely going in from my left ear and exiting from my right. Well folks, do read the newspapers and business magazines when time permits. I think that will help alot when Patrick tells us stuff each week.

    Check out Straits Times Money dated Thu., July 17 2003: Local Retailers Still Lagging Global Standards. The practical measures used by KPMG & Oxford U to analyze listed retailers are interesting and worth noting.

    It’s Friday afternoon……. and i’m feeling rather sick. Hope that i’ll be well enough to skate tomorrow afternoon! See all of you tom!

    Comment by Angi — July 18, 2003 @ 4:20 pm
  3. I think Angie’s comments are spot on! There is no perfect system (no “free lunch”), and you really have to accept there will be some good but also some negative points with any system. Personally though, I prefer having choices, which is less likely with N-U-T-S.

    I can remember quite well an incident back when I was studying in Canberra in Australia. A Singaporean overseas student (doing her Masters so she was not exactly some first-year undergrad first time out kind of thing…) and I had vastly different perceptions of the same situation. I said that I enjoyed the Canberran nights because of the peace and quiet, and the lack of people; on the other hand, my Singaporean friend said she did not feel safe at night precisely because there were not many people around! I guess it really has a lot to do with the daily “conditioning”!?

    Yeah, Friday here finally, and I am looking forward to some Tangoing tonight!

    See you guys tomorrow.

    Comment by yy — July 18, 2003 @ 6:00 pm

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