August 2003

August 18, 2003

Day of reckoning

Posted by: Louis @ 9:22 pm

Two months after our gruelling exam back in June, notification (by email) of the results came out tonight.

Although managed to pass both the project and the exam (need to pass both in order to pass the module as a whole), it was nevertheless quite a shock to see the results. As a matter of fact, I just scraped through for the project by the huge margin of 1 mark (or 2 depending on if 50 is considered pass or not…)!

In fact, the only other time I managed to live so “dangerously” was during my driving test – not that I am a bad driver by the way, and it was really not my fault anyway :-). A very sobering experience indeed!

Anyone else with good news to share?

ps. I would be quite interested to see a more detailed breakdown of the marks if one was available.

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  1. Indeed, it was a day of reckoning and reflection! However, what seemed strange was the lack of excitment or worry about the results this time round. Company was going through the ISO Conversion audit which we have put off for months and it really seemed extremely important to us.

    I was wondering what time the results would be sent to me by email when it popped into my mailbox silently towards the end of a busy day!

    Well, i made it through both the written & the project though i was really prepared to fail the written. So, I really thanked God’s grace and blessings for letting me scrape through (more than 50, less than 60). Did pretty well for the project and was rather pleased. Joy ~ 5 minutes.

    Through bits and pieces of a few precarious conversations with classmates last night,i concluded that most people did much better for the written than the project. Quite the opposite for my case.

    Oh well……. this is what i told Annie: Grades are not that important at this stage. Yes, it would have been an extra bonus if i got very good grades, but what matters the most are the knowledge, understanding and information that were gained through the process. Of course, not forgetting the FRIENDS i made too!

    Well, one more module to go – let’s work hard together!

    Louis: what did u mean by a more detailed breakdown of marks? btw, the answers to the project and written are posted in website – allocation of marks included.

    Comment by angi — August 20, 2003 @ 1:36 pm
  2. To Angi,

    What I meant was that I would like to see the breakdown of marks into the individual components. For example, the two sections for the project, namely the Balanced Scorecard and Analysis of Financial Statement; similary, the two sections for the exam: an MCQ and extended answer section.

    Also, just to add to Angi’s observation. Joshua had almost the “mirror” to my marks, but with project better than the exam! But I will let him tell his story in our next class.

    Comment by yy — August 20, 2003 @ 3:53 pm

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